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Pool Service & Maintenance
Pool Service Benefits

Many wonder why they should use a Swimming Pool Service? What are the benefits to using a professional swimming pool service? Swimming pool water is only as safe as the chemicals used to maintain the pool and don’t you want to make sure that your swimming pool’s water chemistry is correct and done by professionals?
Water that is not properly balanced and maintained can be very damaging to the swimming pool surface and equipment. Disinfectant, PH, Total Alkalinity and Calcium Hardness are the starting point of balancing your water. Other aspects of chemistry include Phosphates and Nitrates, which many NEVER check. We though check everything and take care of it for you at Clear Water Chemistry LLC.

Proper filter maintenance is critical for your swimming pool. Vacuuming and removing debris from surface, along with brushing the walls and tiles, are needed to keep your swimming pool and equipment working well. After all your swimming pool and spa are a large investment – Let Clear Water Chemistry LLC properly protect them for you. Clear Water Chemistry LLC are certified pool operators.

Whether you live in Fountain Hills, Scottsdale, or Paradise Valley,  give Clear Water Chemistry LLC call today. You will NOT be disappointed ! 480.519.2091

The proper care and maintenance of your pool should be something to consider very seriously, that’s why we offer a Clear Water Chemistry cleaning service which is typically performed weekly for non-screened pools or every other week for screened ones keeping your swimming pool in perfect conditions for your enjoyment. During a typical pool maintenance or service our certified technician will do all the perimeter tile cleaning, netting, vacuuming clean the entire pool, skimmer baskets cleaning, tile cleaning, pool filter cartridges cleaning, wall brushing and chemistry checking and balancing.


Our technicians will also check all the pool’s equipment to make sure everything is working properly in the case we find any type of problem we will notify you immediately.


Trust your pool cleaning service to Clear Water Chemistry LLC and you will see the difference. It’s simple we are the clear choice.

No matter what your issue, Our Techs always begins with a thorough diagnostic and troubleshooting of your entire system. Identifying the exact trouble-causing issues we have both the knowledge and the technical expertise to fix, repair and adjust each and every component correctly - as well as the crew and resources. From pool heaters repair, pumps, filters, valves, auto and remote controls, control station programming to natural water chemistry and more. You name it we can do it

Clear Water Chemistry LLC is the only pool company in Arizona that owns their own Spin Lab. We analysis your water to perfection.
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